Charles Snyder—

is an African-American writer and actor, overall multi-talented creative who hails from the San Francisco Bay Area. He grew up between the East Bay (Richmond, CA) and the North Bay (Vallejo, CA), with a twelve year layover in Los Angeles, CA, a pit stop in Wilmington, DE, and is now teaching English in Spain.

Charles is a fresh voice in the poetry/writing world. Summer 2015 he worked with Willie Perdomo at Vona Voices (Voices of Our Nation Arts) national writing workshop for writers of color. In 2017, his essay Negotiating Worlds Black and White, was published in Beiging of America, a 2Leaf Press publication on being biracial/multicultural in America. He is currently working on a book of poetry and has finished a co-written screenplay with creative partner and close friend, Brandon Murray of which they are are currently submitting in screenplay festivals around the U.S.  Charles focuses his creativity on plays, essay, screenwriting and acting as well as provides proofreading services.

Aside from art, Charles has been in the educational field for several years; he has created trainings, workshops, and a peer-mediation program for Ada Nelson Elementary in Whittier, California. Charles earned his master of arts degree in Conflict Resolution at his Alma mater, CSU Dominguez Hills in 2011 and has given workshops and trainings at Washington Prep High School, Los Angeles World Airports, and with the Black Business Association at Long Beach Community College.

Charles’ sight is set on writing and performing (poetry, essay, creative content writing, screenplays, and play writing) as well as mediation and peace-building.

To find out more about his writing publications, visit page: “Published Works, Interviews, Proofreading.”

Visit his blog, “Poetry, Reflections, Others…” to view some of his work in poetry, published and unpublished, as well photo essay and more.

Services Charles provides:

  • Creative Writing
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Mediation and Mediation Training (business/professional and schools)

Current CV:

Charles Snyder_CV_1


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