Never Speak Easy

Photo, Philosophy, (c) Charles Snyder, 2017 Never Speak Easy, photo essay. Long Beach, California is rife with talented creative souls. From 2011 to 2015 I had the honor and privilege to find, to hone, to craft poetry with some of these hyper talented people. This is a series of shots that tells a story. I […]

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I still sit in this room For shorter spells. Cleanse. I still think about Blue moon cycles Blue flame slow. Dance. Sometimes pain Is all I have left of you.

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On keeping shit outside, it’s like this- You were telling Sister a story about how you regret Not seeing grandpa before he left for higher regions. Y’all were talking about decisions. You made one To prove some kind of sense of responsibility, “I’m a man dammit!” you wanted her to know it, not sister, But […]

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Loneliness is like this- I remember this clan of pigeons would Huddle on the ledge/sill of my northern window Those variant greys, pecking iridescence, that cypher of gnarly Cooing, anyways, they shat there, always, I never opened that window. Basically, I like to keep the shit outside. But somehow, It still gets in.

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30/30, Day 7

Small light in a dark room, I am that candle In the corner of the room Flickering Unwavering Faint but seen Even when a candle is covered The light is still seen If no one sees me The darkness will I know who waits there I know who sits at the corner of my bed […]

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Same Everywhere

Same Everywhere After Langston Hughes’, “Letter from Spain.” Gijon, Asturias, Spain February, something 2017, Near 80 years since beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Dear Johnny, I am your brother. I reside in Spain. Still the same everywhere. Franco is dead. I think you would have been pleased By this news. You are my ancestor. […]

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