a homogeneous mixture of light and path is

floral essence in a rain storm is

the State’s morning pledge of allegiance is

monitoring enlightenment by applications is

a billion changing faces is the internet is

chains and chattel is fair according to victor is  

the loser’s reparations in golden grills made of bibles is

righteous is what you make it is self-donation in party is

womb and the invitation into this realm is the opium of drum is

a warren of human existence and its labyrinth is

encapsulated in tongues poetic is puppeteer of time is

a crutch is a crystal prison is the regret in healing is

silence hidden inside of a forest creek is ego is

an overflow is the matter of absence is sanctification by dance is

the reflection ping from a wet eye is the sphere of life is

a vibe is an angel Coltrane’s horn, is scar tissue of ascension;

Never trust a two-dollar steak.


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