Will You Still Respect Me in The Morning? (Will I?)

If I reveal my finer parts

On bedsheets facing the dark

With glints of lights peeking through blinds

Only to spot my flaws between the eyes of the night

What will keep you here

And not roaming? Roaming—

this could be about, too ego

But I know I cannot keep anything for too

Long, I want to protect

This idea of being strong,

Even when I am bare

Inside this dark room, inside of slivers of light,

I am still a flower garden

I just couldn’t bare the crunch

Of wanton and careless


Its about nakedness, its

About the flicker of an electron

And being or being an instrument,

It’s about the fear of times not being

The greatest lover, living up to expectations,

It’s about keeping up a front and the fear of

Losing it.

If I enter you

And by doing so, enter me you

If I pledge to you my heart portion

Bare being and bleeding

Will you still accept me

Naked and shivering? Naked—

The turbulence of it

In front of new eyes, body is new again,

If I give you myself


With nothing but my soul to bare


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