The First Time I Saw Him with His Breathing Machine, It Triggered Flashbacks (Haikus)

MYFATHER’STOUNGECRACKS Splits his kids Joshua tree A thirsty like love HOUSETOHOUSETOHEARTS Women as survival use Never latch on HOMELESSNESSFELTCLEAN Remembered the showers New homes, new faces HOWHISLIFEWAXES Dwindles; melts; minus sign in Patches tungsten-stained jeans PREGNANTHEADPAUSES, Causing scenes, embarrassment Whispers, darting eyes ASKINGFORAFRIEND Toxic atom, sharp cherry candy To dislodge his name TOOTHEDRUSTEDBUCK-KNIFE’S Carved effigies, wood curl-tongues Mouths of abused selves WHENHECALLEDME“BITCH” My tear flow held by night, he Low thinks of me so


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