That I opened all the way

turned myself inside out like a levee that broke

That I fell shattered the ice I drowned

became smaller and smaller

That your tongue was like a steel rake scrawling scars

of names reprobate you wanted me to wear openly

That at times I was sun that went super nova too early

Vomiting my pressed down rage on you

That I will never try to hurry up

to heal for anyone else

That my legs were bound strapped down

teeth clinched sometimes just at the sight of you

That I watched as you transformed from tulip to

A colony of fire ants swarming around my orifices

That wolf guide was actually the ferocity to hide

That starry night swirls of hypnotic lamps in awe of us

That old sermon down, white robes, down at the creek

Its mouth, our toes sunk in clay, this was scheduled to be a baptismal

That I know at times it wasn’t just you

An ember takes its last breath and quietly ashes

That I spoke to my scars yesterday and gave

them permission to heal; to dust my ego

That I wish you well to salve

In acreage full of sunflowers


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