LEFT OVERS: Poems from the Hearth

Hey folks! I have some special news. I just finished a poetry collection! It’s called, LEFT OVERS: Poems from the Hearth. It’s a collection comprised of several poems I have written over the years, well, spanning 2011 to the present. I cover various topics such as masculinity, sexuality, ethnicity, and heartbreak. I am releasing it totally free. Why you ask? I am into purification. These poems are like friendships or relationships that have served their purpose and now I must let go. The action of releasing these pieces to the world reminds me of the time I moved to Spain. I used to live in Long Beach, California and I sold or gave away everything in my apartment. If I couldn’t sell it, I put it out on the curb. I let go of maybe 100 CD’s, several books, furniture, many things. But after I purified my living space, after it was bare, I felt so at peace, rounded, smooth, pure.

So, this book represents that: release, purification, letting go of an era or of a past self. I hope you enjoy it. I suggest reading this book with wine or bourbon while listening to Jazz by musicians such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Mal Waldron; something smooth, down tempo, introspective.

Leave comments, email me your thoughts, etc. Also, today is James Baldwin’s birthday. I felt like today would be a good day to release this book in remembrance of him.

Click on the download button next to the title below to download my e-book in PDF form. Thanks for reading. – Charlie


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